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Mercedes Benz E63 S Wagon

When it comes to the automotive world, it is easy to lose track of the rational. While some vehicles tend to sway to a certain extreme, whether it be performance or comfort, a well-balanced option seems to be a hidden gem. The Mercedes E63 wagon is that hidden gem. Among other options, the all new E63 meets all the requirements for any form of enthusiast with flying colors. Equipped with a 4.0-liter Twin-Turbocharged V8 producing 603 horsepower, this family wagon shares its powerplant with the record smashing AMG GT-S, all while retaining enough room for 5 and a trunk full of groceries. This gives the E63 an almost shocking performance feel, making the almost 4,700-pound wagon feel extremely nimble. The E63 also lacks all turbo lag, a common problem fear encountered with lower displacement turbocharged motor. Much of this has to do with the 627 torque that send you flying back into the comfortable, yet gripping AMG leather seats. All of this power is matted to a 9 speed MCT transmission, having a similar feel and shifting speed than that of the infamous Porsche PDK. However, this transmission, assisted by start/stop technology and cylinder shut off capabilities, make the loud car extremely humble in comfort mode. This allows the Mercedes to reach the calculated 18 miles per gallon with ease, sometimes even being shockingly economical on the highway, making up for the $106,950 base price. Although quite pricey, especially for a station wagon, the Mercedes E63 S is quickly well worth it, eliminating the need for another family vehicle. Covering the daily driver and the weekend warrior, the exceptional build quality consisting of thick leather and black ash wood caking the interior shows no signs of premature wear. The Mercedes also is labeled as having a 5 star safety rating in every crash category, feeling extremely rigid and stable even under performance driving of all categories. By having various performance modes, the station wagon is equipped to handle all types of performance, even being equipped with electronic launch control. However, the one mode that quickly caught our attention was the new “drift mode” available in the all-wheel drive AMG’s. This mode limits the power sent to the front wheels to allow less traction in the rear and more grip in the front, keeping the E63 poised in the corners. Overall, the E63 S is the ideal option for the single vehicle family. Encompassing the very essence of Mercedes perfection, E63 S wagon holds a caged beast, ready to tame anything thrown at it, no matter who is behind the wheel.