DJ Giuseppe

DJ Giuseppe

Giuseppe De Martino
Born in Naples Italy, moved to Venezuela and Colombia, than i was going back and forward from Italy to Colombia I have this mixture of sounds in my head,  I am a music lover since a was a kid i used to do choreography’s for my grand mom, and i couldn’t do anything without music is like a part of me. I love to cook too, I meet my wife 6 years ago we decided we had something in common witch is the passion for the food now we own a catering business (Dolce Napoli).

I think if you know how to listen music it could take you to another place where you really want to be at that moment, maybe you will remember a song and that song used to take you to another place a peaceful place, that is why music is very special and makes you remember and forget at the same time.Para agregar  Tu  Música Visitanos Tu Música

Dj Gdemartino!!

Posted by Radio Miami Color on Friday, May 25, 2018