DJ Black Sno

DJ Black Sno

Ever since releasing his first 12 inch at the age of 14 DJ BLACK SNO has been on the move.
He has been featured in a majority of the radio stations throughout South Florida and his creative turntablism has appeared in many releases in the area.
When DJ BLACK SNO touches the wheels of steel they obey his every command, his incredible scratching dexterity is a wonder to behold only matched by his massive musical recall, he is the Wiki of the beats.
It is difficult to categorize his musicianship so we’ll just say so damn funky!  Like the classic Hip Hop forefathers, Black SNO has mastered the EMU SP 1200, in his hands it becomes a symphony orchestra.. SNO’s innovative approach to sampling and production leads to music that is classic, modern and futuristic at the same time. He is the go to man for that authentic, gritty Hip Hop sound.
DJ Black SNO is no stranger to the stage as he and his crew NOH have opened for most of the classic Hip Hop acts you idolize.

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